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Superior Court Judge Hollis R. Hill

"Matt Williams is hard working, he's smart, he cares about people, and he has impeccable integrity. He will make an excellent District Court Judge."

District Court Judge Jack Nevin

As a District Court Judge for nearly fourteen years, I am joining the many Judges of both King and Pierce County that support Matt Williams.

I’ve known Matt for approximately 18 years, as a pro tem district court judge, trial lawyer, colleague on the faculties of the Seattle University School of Law, Emory University School of Law, National Institute of Trial Advocacy and finally as a teaching partner working for the Department of Justice in Eastern Europe. I have seen him as a practicing lawyer, and sitting as a district court judge.

I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Matt, training prosecutors in a country torn by war, bringing the rule of law to those knowing democracy for the first time, and attempting to implement it. In short, over the last 18 years I have seen Matt Williams in virtually every area of his professional life, and as a result feel qualified to speak about his qualities and his values.

The words “qualities and values” are not words I choose lightly, because it is qualities and values which in the final analysis should define any judge, particularly at the district court level. Matt has shown over the years, through his intellect, compassion and “uncommon” common sense that he stands apart from his professional peer group. Beginning as an assistant attorney general first in Iowa, prosecuting some of the most significant cases arising in the Iowa Department of Corrections, and later in Washington defending the state in some of the most complex litigation in our states history, he excelled. In both the public and private sector Matt has shown ability as a strategic thinker and leader, able to build consensus between the most divergent views. Matt has an attitude of service, which he brings to the bench, the courtroom, and the classroom. As a judge I have seen first hand his patience, compassion, yet resolute commitment to public safety, and the rule of law. I have no doubt but that in short order, if elected, he will prove to be one of the most outstanding judges in our state.

As voters wrestle with the inevitably complex question of how they should choose a judge, it is important to look to the breadth of experience. However, it is a mistake to look to only judicial experience. A good judge draws upon a wide breadth of practical experience as a lawyer. The breadth of that experience dictates the ability of the judge to decide the complex legal issues that come before all courts. Matt William’s experience includes criminal law and civil law, in highly complex areas. That he was chosen by the department of justice to assist in the implementation of a new criminal code in Kosovo, reflects his reputation and skill as it is perceived on a national level. The same national reputation has resulted in his selection to train lawyers from throughout the United States and Canada. Today, in Washington alone, there are hundreds of trial lawyers, and a few judges as well, who owe their skill and training as trial lawyers to the mentorship of Matt Williams.

Jack Nevin
Pierce County Superior Court 2013-Present
Pierce County District Court 1996-2013
Brigadier General, DSM, US Army Reserve, Retd
Washington State Judge of the Year 2003 - WSTLA
Washington State Judge of the Year 2006 - WSMCA

Municipal Court Judge Majorie Tedrick

I have practiced law in district and municipal courts in King and Pierce Counties for well over 20 years and have known Matt Williams professionally for most of that time. I have been on the opposite side of the bar from Matt and served right along side of Matt on other issues.

What I know to be true is that Matt is a stellar example of an ethical lawyer and a fine legal scholar.

Matt Williams is quite simply the most qualified candidate and the right man for this job.

Press Release - King County District Court Clerks Endorse Matt Williams

August 18, 2010

No one knows the District Court in King County like the Judicial Clerks and Probation Officers. These professionals manage every aspect of the Court’s business. They are (literally) the team that makes the system work.

The King County District Court Clerks and Probation Officers (WSCCCE Local 21-DC) endorsed Matt Williams as their choice for the most qualified candidate to fill Position 6 in South East King County District Court.

When asked to comment on this endorsement, Mr. Williams noted, “obviously, the Clerks and Probation Officers were very interested in my judicial experience and temperament. These are the folks that know what works in a courtroom, and what doesn’t.”

Williams went on to add, “because Judges serve our community both on and off the bench, they were also interested in my experience in managing large organizations through tough financial times. The budget crisis here in King County requires that we all work together to do more with less resources. I’m honored that the Clerks and P.O.’s chose me as someone they would trust to help lead our community through these times."

Jessica R. Cooper, Oakland County Elected Prosecuting Attorney- (Former Justice, Michigan Court of Appeals, Circuit Court Judge, and District Court Judge)

August 11, 2010

As the prosecutor for the County of Oakland in Michigan, I am duty bound to ensure that justice is served in an ethical, proficient and honest manner. In an effort to guarantee that all who serve under my direction not only fully understand their ethical obligations but also possess the skill and knowledge to discharge those obligations, I called upon Matt Williams to train my newest and most impressionable Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys. I have known Matt and taught classes with him for over a decade. It is because of his honesty, integrity and practical working knowledge of the judicial system that I wholeheartedly trusted him with this task.

The citizens of the State of Washington are fortunate to have someone of Matt Williams’ caliber willing to dedicate his time and skills to public service. He has my unequivocal endorsement for District Judge.


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