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Letter from John Holman, Auburn City Councilmember


February 14, 2014.

I am offering an unsolicited endorsement of Judge Matt Williams for re-election as King County District Court Judge. I am a retired police officer with over thirty years of experience. I have appeared before many District Court Judges. As most of my brother and sister police officers will tell you, what you want in a judge is an individual who will listen attentively, has a wealth of life experience and has the wisdom to rule fairly. Going to court is not about winning or losing. It is about the service of justice. Early in my career I often appeared before a District Court Judge who had a plaque on his office wall. I have to paraphrase, but it went something like: People are not always right, that is why we have police. Police are not always right, that is why we have judges. Judges are not always right, that is why we have the right of appeal.

First and foremost Matt Williams is my friend. When I talk to Matt he looks straight into my eyes and I know he is listening intently. I recognize him to be a man with a passion for the rule of law. Such is his zeal that he gives of his time to teach other judges in third world countries and nations that have experienced civil strife. He puts himself at personal risk so that others may enjoy what we all too often take for granted. I appreciate and respect that commitment to the service of justice.

District Courts have the greatest direct influence and impact on people. A District Court Judge is the magistrate that a first offender is most likely to appear before. It is often at this first appearance that a life changing opportunity occurs for an individual to correct a mistake or change their life around. By the time an offender progresses to behaviors that land them in Superior Court they often have become so hardened and set in their ways that little will influence or change them. District Court Judges make differences in the communities they serve.

It is not just the offender that a judge influences either. It is the District Court Judge that most often gets called at “O Dark 30” to approve a search warrant. I will tell you that Judge Williams has answered that phone in the middle of the night countless times. To him it is just part of his service to the law. So even thought my law enforcement days are behind me, Judge Matt Williams is the sort of individual I want on the bench in my community.

John H. Holman

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