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Our Community supports Judge Williams' Re-Election.


By protecting the rights and safety of our citizens Judge Matt Williams has earned the support of our community and the professionals who know how our justice system and the District Court works.

See Endorsements for a list of the many law enforcement organizations, judges, public officials, and citizens who support Judge Williams for re-election.

    "Judge Matt Williams is the sort of individual I want on the bench in my community."

  • John Holman, Auburn City Councilmember, Retired Port of Seattle Police, Former International Police Liaison - Baghdad/Iraq

    See full text of Councilmember Holman's February 14, 2014 endorsement letter at: Councilmember Holman Letter

  • You can support Judge Williams by ENDORSING him. You can also support his re-election by VOLUNTEERING or DONATING to the re-election campaign.

    You will find more information about Judge Williams and the District Court at this link to King County District Court WEBSITE

    Keep up with recent campaign News


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